I’m now in my fourth year working on my historical novel about Ermengarde of Narbonne.  The draft of what will be a trilogy is well over 750 pages. And the book has gone through some interesting  changes.

The first draft of the  book in the first person. In the second draft I added a point of view in the third person limited. I liked the additional POV so much I’ve been adding yet another POV. As I’ve been working on this, I decided I didn’t like the heroine in first person and the others in third, so I’m in the process of switching the heroine to third person limited also.

I read a couple of interesting writing books: HIT LIT by James W. Hall and WRITING THE BLOCK BUSTER NOVEL by Albert Zuckerman. The later was particularly interesting because included in it were a series of outlines for a Ken Follett book. These were encouraging to me as I began to make the changes described above. Master storytellers like Follett work through their novels with many changes as the story develops. In a couple of the outlines, I felt Follett was on the wrong track with one character and I was pleased to see he changed directions to get back on track in a later outline.

Will I ever finish the trilogy? Yes, when I stop enjoying the process.




About medievalphyllis

I love history and I love writing. I've been working on an historical novel about a medieval viscountess, Ermengarde of Narbonne since 2009. It has been quite a journey and the journey isn't over. Previously I written 6 historical novels for kids, but this is a new challenge.
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