Learning from Edgar Allen Poe


Today I visited the Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia. It’s the largest collection of Poe artifacts anywhere. It’s a fascinating place.

I learned three things:

1. Poe revised his first published poem for 15 years, even after it was published. Yeats famously revised poems after they were published, but I didn’t know Poe did the same. Maybe I’m not as “picky” as I think.

2. The most money he ever made from writing was $50 he got for writing an introduction to a book on shells.  What do you think of that, Dan Brown?

3. Poe earned $15 for his poem, “The Raven.” And it was this poem that made him famous. For several years now my husband and I have supported poetry prizes in the Poetry Society of Virginia’s annual poetry contest. First prize winners get $50 of the $100 we contribute.  Some things haven’t change since the nineteenth century. Poetry doesn’t pay.


About medievalphyllis

I love history and I love writing. I've been working on an historical novel about a medieval viscountess, Ermengarde of Narbonne since 2009. It has been quite a journey and the journey isn't over. Previously I written 6 historical novels for kids, but this is a new challenge.
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One Response to Learning from Edgar Allen Poe

  1. Russ says:

    Have you read his novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym? He may have been overpaid for that one (but it’s not as bad as a Dan Brown knockoff).

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