a medieval minute: the principality of Andorra

A Romanesque church in Andorra

A Romanesque church in Andorra

The medieval world is still with us in Andorra. Andorra is an independent principality in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. It is ruled jointly by a Spanish bishop and the President of France. Feudal tenure involved such complications, and it is interesting that Andorra has existed to this day with medieval rights and privileges intact.

When I wrote my trilogy about Viscountess Ermengarde of Narbonne who lived in the 12th century, it was a challenge to make the peculiarities of feudal tenure coherent to modern readers. Ermengarde only controlled half of the city of Narbonne while the archbishop controlled the other half. This arrangement clearly didn’t work out very well or we would have more Andorras today.

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I love history and I love writing. I've been working on an historical novel about a medieval viscountess, Ermengarde of Narbonne since 2009. It has been quite a journey and the journey isn't over. Previously I written 6 historical novels for kids, but this is a new challenge.
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