a medieval minute: modest he was NOT

A naked Eve

Gislebertus’ naked Eve

Gislebertus' signed his work in a prominent place where everyone could see it.

Gislebertus signed his work in a prominent place where everyone could see it.

Last Judgement Typmpanum

Last Judgement Typmpanum

Gislebertus was a twelfth-century Romanesque sculptor. You may have learned in history class that medieval artists didn’t sign their work, but that isn’t true. Not all sculptors placed their name where everyone could see it like Gislebertus did. However, since Gislebertus was arguably the greatest sculptor of his day, it only fair that he get credit for his wonderful work.

Even though we know of other work attributed to Gislebertus, not everyone agrees that he was the sculptor of the tympanum above.

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