a medieval minute: taming uncouth knights


The idea of courtly or romantic love became important in the twelfth century. Early patronesses of the cultural movement were Eleanor of Aquitaine, Marie of France and Ermengarde, Viscountess of Narbonne.(the heroine of my historical novels set in the middle ages). Courtly love emphasized the devotion of a knight to a lady, usually not his wife. It became an elaborate code of behavior. The aim of courtly love was to civilize the uncouth knights of the day. Our modern ideas of chivalry date from the middle ages.


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About medievalphyllis

I love history and I love writing. I've been working on an historical novel about a medieval viscountess, Ermengarde of Narbonne since 2009. It has been quite a journey and the journey isn't over. Previously I written 6 historical novels for kids, but this is a new challenge.
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